11 Netflix original series ready for binging in March 2019

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Nick Wall/Netflix

Love, Death & Robots – March 15

I’ve already written about how fascinating I find the concept of this animated anthology Netflix original series and how it takes the concept of an anthology to another level.

David Fincher has produced and curated a selection of animated shorts, all from different countries and in different styles of animation, all along the theme of love, death, and of course, robots.

The trailer for the series looks appropriately Fincherian – fast-paced and flashy, a breathless compilation of strobe-light quick clips set to a pulsing techno beat, teasing the future of death and sex in a frightening and compelling madness of overstimulation.

There’s a lot to take in, but if the trailer is any indication, we’re in for a lot of very creative, thoughtful, and challenging stories.

Turn Up Charlie – March 15

I don’t know why it seems odd to me that Idris Elba should want to create a family based comedy series out of anything else he could choose, but this is indeed Elba’s second creation in that genre.

But Elba can do pretty much whatever he wants, whether it’s returning as DCI Luther or starring in a film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats.

Say what you want, the man has range, and the many diverse interests to accommodate it.

Turn Up Charlie follows a down-and-out DJ who reluctantly accepts a job as a Manny for his rich and famous friend’s troublesome daughter.

I imagine Elba, who also doubles as a DJ in real life, has plenty of real-life experiences to inspire the series writers. Based on first images, it looks like Elba’s character gets into plenty of trouble on his way to success.