Shadow season 1, episode 7 recap: There’s Something in the House


Shadow’s cousin Faith is going through a divorce and a bitter custody battle when she starts experiencing strange phenomena in her home. But with her history of mental illness, is she going crazy or his her house really haunted?

Faith considers a photo of her with her daughter and ex-husband, folding one side over to remove the ex-husband from the photo and leaving just she and her daughter together on Shadow. Faith takes some prescription medicine and settles in for the evening. She wakes later, still in her clothes, unsteady, and disoriented, and goes downstairs to investigate some noises.

The television is on and broadcasting static and the living room window is open. She turns off the TV, closes the window, shuts the curtains, and heads back upstairs to bed. Before she gets far, however, the TV turns back on and the window and curtain are both open again. She starts freaking out, believing something to be in the house. She screams as lights start to flicker throughout the house.

Shadow and Max visit a man who claims to be a psychic. Max believes in magic and the spirit world and feels uneasy about messing around with it, while Shadow is more skeptical. He has been hired to confront this so-called psychic whose advice might have led to a child’s hospitalization.

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The psychic swears he’s legit and gives Shadow a scarily accurate reading. He sees great loss and that Shadow is looking for someone. He tells Shadow he’s been looking in the wrong place for this person, that he’s “out there, in the sand.”

Shadow and Max get freaked out and leave. Max asks Shadow if he’s looking for Cyrus again, but Shadow merely asks what makes him think he ever stopped?

Shadow does a google search for deserts that have diamonds. Cyrus is a corrupt diamond trader and Shadow suspects he may be in Botswana. The woman who was killed by Cyrus was trying to leave him and willing to testify about his illegal diamond trading activities to put him away. He asks Scully to use his experimental facial recognition software to look for Cyrus in Botswana.

Faith calls Zola to tell her about what’s been happening at home and that she’s afraid she’s going crazy. Her phone cuts out and things start happening in the house again. When she looking in the bathroom all the candles are lighted and the bathtub if filled with what looks like blood.

Zola asks Shadow to go check on Faith. It might be that she’s having a mental health episode, especially given her history, but Zola thinks its something else. By the time he arrives, Faith has moved out of the house and is staying at the guesthouse nearby.

Holly catches Shadow up with everything that’s been happening. Despite her ex-husband Richard refusing to give up custody of their daughter Holly and obsessively calling her, everything had been really good in her life.

Her new meds work, Holly is making new friends, but then things started getting weird in the house. Faith is afraid that everything that’s been happening is all in her head. Shadow investigates the house but doesn’t find much aside from Faith’s meds. Later that night, Faith goes to bed in the guesthouse but wakes up in the main house. She calls for Shadow in a panic and has no idea how she even got there.

He sends Faith into town to get away from the house for a while. He thinks that Faith’s medication might be causing her blackouts and asks Ash to find out for him. Shadow brings the psychic guy to investigate the haunting angle but he doesn’t sense a presence in the house.

He suggests that sometimes bad spirits reside in the people themselves, but he doesn’t really understand what he means so the guy doesn’t know how to help him. He drives him back to the city and hits traffic on his way back, which means that he won’t be there by the time Faith gets back. Meanwhile, Ash discovers that there has been a mixup with Faith’s medication and that it’s likely causing blackouts and disorientation.

Shadow’s car breaks down not far from Faith’s house and he discovers it’s been sabotaged. Someone doesn’t want him there to protect Faith. Ash calls him to let him know about the medication. Shadow takes off running to help when Faith doesn’t answer her phone.

Meanwhile, Faith arrives home to find that Richard is waiting for her in the house. He drugs her with something that paralyzes her but leaves her conscious. He puts her in the bathtub and starts the water running.

Richard’s plan was to have Faith committed and declared an unfit mother so that he could have custody of Holly. But then Shadow got involved, which means that for some reason Richard has to fake her suicide instead. Richard is convinced that her death won’t even be investigated because crazy people kill themselves all the time.

That analysis sounds wildly simplistic and totally unrealistic. Of course, there would be an investigation, regardless of appearances. Then again, Richard is also confident that Shadow won’t come to save her and that’s exactly when he shows up.

Richard gets the drop on Shadow and drugs him, but he’s able to overpower and kill Richard and drain the bathtub before the paralysis takes effect.

Later, Faith thanks him for helping her. She promised she would make it up to him, even though he doesn’t need anything from her. But Richard had a fancy Ferrari hidden away and she gives it to him as a thank you gift. He has fun driving the car back to the city but immediately sells it to get the rest of the money for Zola’s surgery.

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Shadow surprises Zola with Dr. Madi, who has accepted her into the treatment program. He warns her that there’s no guarantee of success, but that there is a good chance she could walk again. Not only is Zola in the program, but Scully managed to find Cyrus in Botswana. Looks like everything is coming up Shadow.

Shadow premiered on Netflix on March 8.