Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Biggest takeaways from part 2 trailer


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina came to Netflix last October to celebrate Halloween, and did so in fashion!

In a much more haunting season than the previous, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina looks like it will continue to differentiate from the light-hearted comedic series many fans grew up with.  The second part of this Netflix original series definitely focused on the spooky and scary.

The next season doesn’t seem to be any different, and in fact, seems to turn the scary factor up to 10 as Sabrina battles and even acknowledges her demon and evil side.

The newest trailer that just dropped showed some pretty intense scenes, and that, starting April 5 when it drops on Netflix, we’ll be celebrating Halloween a little early this year.

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1. The opening scene

One of the biggest takeaways from this rather fast-paced trailer was the first scene where we see Sabrina coming up to the school’s crest and pouring gasoline on it. Then, she lights a candle. Candle + Gasoline = Do I even need to say? It definitely means something bad is going to happen, but why is Sabrina torching her school’s crest?

The rest of the trailer kind of give us an idea that she leaning into her evil side, but what does the school have to do with it? Not to mention that this is Baxter High, her “good” side school. Is she just committing major vandalism or is something in the school needing to be burned? Hopefully it’s number 2, otherwise, Sabrina will be facing major detention.

Photo Credit: Netflix

2. The Gang’s All Back in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If there was any worry about the gang not being back, no need for worry! Sabrina, her aunts, Ambrose, her friends (both wicked and good), her boyfriend Harvey and Mrs. Wardwell are all back. It looks like they’ll be fighting, but will it be right along with her? Or against her to try to get her to come back from wherever she’s been.

Photo Credit: Netflix

3. Something’s Up With Sabrina

If you look throughout the season trailer, you’ll notice that Sabrina is making even darker and witchier moves. She’s obviously leaning into her dark side. Even though that’s more the show’s side for witches, it seems extreme — even for this. Which again brings the question — why is she fighting and killing people? Why is she bathing in blood? Something is definitely wrong with her, and we need the adults to figure it out.

Photo Credit: Netflix

4. A (Handsome) New Character

If you noticed a handsome character that wasn’t in season one of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you’re not alone (and how could you miss him?). That character seems to hint that he gave Sabrina her power. Could he be the human version of the Dark Lord, otherwise known as Satan? If so, what’s he doing around here, besides causing trouble?

Photo Credit: Netflix

5. A Devilish Love Triangle

It looks like this Nicholas Scratch will have to come toe to toe with Harvey in the battle for Sabrina Spellman’s heart! Who will win in this new battle of good versus evil? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hinted at a growing love triangle last season but with her leaving behind Harvey, it seemed like Nick might have gained the upper hand.

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These are our biggest takeaways from the trailer but there are certainly more to unpack with each viewing. Sabrina’s family is in some kind of peril, and her return to Baxter High is definitely going to bring up some complications.

Are you excited for part two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Be sure to tell us your favorite parts of the trailer in the comment section below!