Titans: Who are the new and returning characters for season 2?

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Photo Credit: WBTV

With Titans season 2 just starting production, here’s a guide to the new and returning characters confirmed so far.

Titans kicked off DC Universe last year with an uneven start but a much more sure-footed finish. While the finale might have left a bit to be desired, the series did prove that it was capable of telling the stories of some beloved DC Comics characters. Heading into season 2, the show has recently cast a handful of major roles and apparently, it’s not done yet!

Warning: Spoilers for Titans season 1 

As a quick refresher, the series ended with Dick Grayson seemingly under the mind control of Rachel’s father, Trigon, after a Gotham City induced illusion. The team is separated, with Rachel and Gar left with her crazy biological parents trapped inside of her house. Starfire and Donna are stuck outside, unable to break past the barrier.

Meanwhile, Jason Todd has returned to Gotham to seemingly continue his work alongside Batman. Based on recent casting news though, Trigon might not be the major villain throughout this upcoming season. Will the team be getting more members or will the threats they face continue to grow? Before discussing that further, let’s dive into which characters will be coming back.