Titans: Who are the new and returning characters for season 2?

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Photo Credit: WBTV

Dick Grayson

Yes, the original Boy Wonder will definitely be returning for season 2 of Titans. Considered the leader of the team, he was a major part of the finale’s cliffhanger. Even if the series somehow decided to kill him off, they would still need him back to resolve whatever mind control Trigon currently has on him.

Considering Dick also got the most character development out of the whole team, it’s possible his story could take a backseat next season. Nevertheless, expect to see Brenton Thwaites suiting up again even if it won’t be in a Robin costume.

Photo Credit: WBTV

Donna Troy

Conor Leslie took Titans by storm and became an immediate fan favorite with her introduction. While she wasn’t in nearly as many episodes as the rest of the team, she managed to make quite the impact with her limited time. Costar, Minka Kelly, also shared on Instagram a photo confirming Leslie’s return for season 2.

While it’s unlikely we’ll ever get to see Donna’s relationship with Wonder Woman, the show will continue to explore her dynamic with Dick. Also, she’s technically a retired superhero so the threat level the team faces must be high enough for her to don her costume and grab her lasso to fight.