Titans: Who are the new and returning characters for season 2?

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After spending most of the freshman run trying to figure out who she is, Koriand’r finally got some answers in the closing episodes of season 1. Unfortunately, it took almost killing Rachel and terrifying Gar to put her on the right path. Anna Diop suffered the most backlash before Titans even aired, with many vocal trolls criticizing her casting.

However, those naysayers were quickly quieted when the show debuted because Diop was one of the best things about an uneven pilot. Koriand’r is a highly skilled alien with a visually stunning set of powers and a great eye for vintage fashion. Now that she’s stuck outside of Rachel’s house with Donna, it’s exciting to see what will happen to her next.

Photo Credit: WBTV


He may not be the major villain of the upcoming episodes, but Trigon will definitely be making a return. From the beginning, the series was building up Trigon’s return to Earth as the central mystery. Rachel gets tossed into this dark dilemma when his cult murders her adopted mother before coming after her. Seamus Dever didn’t arrive until the final two episodes and viewers have barely gotten to see him in action.

Even if Titans doesn’t choose to keep Trigon on Earth for that long, it would be remiss not to showcase some of his more fantastical powers. Also, fans of the comics will certainly want to see Rachel learning more about her powers from her father before he disappears from the series.