Titans: Who are the new and returning characters for season 2?

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Rachel Roth

Rachel spent a lot of season 1 searching for a family which she finally found in her birth mother. Unfortunately, her mother only needed her to get to Trigon, the person who she was truly loyal to. At least this massive betrayal will let Rachel reflect positively on the birth mother who kept her safe for so many years.

Nevertheless, Titans has only just begun to touch upon the extent of Rachel’s powers. Since the first season served as an origin to many of the characters, it seems like this upcoming one would see her embrace her powers. Also, there’s no way Rachel would run out of a fight now that Dick has gotten involved.

Photo Credit: WBTV

Gar Logan

Like Rachel, Titans has only just begun to scrape the surface with Gar. Fans of the Teen Titans television show and comics know that he will eventually grow into the character of Beast Boy. The series has only shown him change into a tiger and mentioned his growing fear that the animalistic side in him will eventually take over. His character is harder to adapt in a live action show because of the special effects budget and just the sheer magnitude of animals he could transform into.

While initially a jokester, season 2 will probably explore his more serious side and his desire to become a hero like Dick, Donna, or Kori.