Titans: Who are the new and returning characters for season 2?

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Photo Credit: WBTV

Hawk & Dove

Hank and Dawn were interesting additions back in season 1 because fans expected them to play a much larger role in the story. However, the couple was used sparingly and it wasn’t until episode 9 that their backstory was really explored. Minka Kelly confirmed she’s back in Vancouver for filming and her character will play a key part in saving Dick Grayson.

It seems like a love triangle is going to brew between her, Dick, and Hank since the Gotham-centric episode showed that Dick wanted to marry her and start a normal life. While she was out of commission thanks to a coma, Hank remained by her side hoping for the best. With these two headed to the farm after a telepathic plea from Rachel, their story is far from over.

Photo Credit: WBTV

Jason Todd

The second Robin will be returning but it’s unclear in what capacity. Curran Walters confirmed a recent move to Canada on his Instagram, which hints he’s expecting to film for quite a while. Titans introduced him as the antithesis to Dick, instead of the broody detective who’s desperate to rein in his violence, Jason relishes the opportunity to take down some bad guys.

Will Hawk and Dove pick him up on their way to Rachel’s for a little extra backup in saving Dick? Or, will Titans choose to go a different route with a Red Hood storyline? Many fans have been asking for the latter and the series is definitely dark enough to pull it off.