Titans: Who are the new and returning characters for season 2?

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With the recent casting of her brother and father, it would only make sense that fans would want to know if Rose Wilson could be making an appearance. In the comics, Wilson has been both a member of the Teen Titans as well as an enemy but was trained by Nightwing, otherwise known as Dick Grayson. Arrow had a loose adaptation of the character when Summer Glau’s Isabel Rochev donned the named “Ravager” to fight alongside Slade Wilson. According to Revenge of the FansAndi Mack actress, Chelsea Zhang has been cast in the role however the DC Universe has yet to confirm. Update: Deadline has confirmed Chelsea Zhang will be playing Ravager in the upcoming season.

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Currently a pivotal character on Young Justice, Tara Markov is an integral part of any Judas Contract adaptation. If Titans does plan to attempt this storyline, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear Terra would be joining season 2.

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Kid Flash and Arsenal

Love it or hate it, Arrow has done a great job of introducing characters from across the DC Universe. However, with the series winding down and the future uncertain for the rest of the Arrowverse, is it time for some of the key characters to move over to the DC Universe?

When Titans was first announced, many viewers wanted to see Kid Flash and Arsenal make some kind of appearance. Wally West is very popular for comic book readers but the CW’s take on the character never quite seemed to take off. After a short detour on Legends of Tommorrow, it looks like Wally is officially done on that network.

Meanwhile, an older version of Arsenal now exists on Arrow with Colton Haynes reprising his fan-favorite sidekick character. Since next season is its last, here’s hoping Roy Harper can also join Titans and allow the show to explore a Donna/Roy romance.

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Now that Titans has officially begun production for season 2, fans will get a better idea about what the storyline will be. The series shoots in Vancouver, like a lot of other shows, and there will undoubtedly be set leaks like the first season. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see all the possibilities regarding the new episodes.

Which characters are you excited are coming back? Who do you want to see introduced? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!