Love, Death & Robots: Season 1 recap and review

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A group of high-tech thieves advances on a convoy carrying a valuable and heavily guarded microchip. Everyone in their group is highly modified with pieces of technology, making them all advanced cyborgs.

Everything goes according to plan until one of the group swerves to save a small, cuddly creature that had run out into the road and fumbles a magnetic mine.

The mine goes off prematurely and alerts the guards inside the convoy to their presence. Chaos ensues as an alarm goes off and the guards advance on the thieves.

As the thieves are surprised by mounting levels of defenses against them, they each get picked off one by one until only their rookie member is left alive.

He claims the coveted microchip, but at what cost? The rookie clearly didn’t read the fine print of his contract though, because all of their consciousnesses are uploaded into a remote hard drive. It was just their bodies that were destroyed, so they all get to reap the rewards of the heist.

This one was fun and fast, equal parts Speed Racer and Mad Max, but ultimately immediately forgettable.