Love, Death & Robots: Season 1 recap and review

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Alternate Histories

This hilarious cartoon explores the different alternate histories possible when changing various significant events in our established timeline. Specifically, what would happen if Hitler had died in 1908 and what would have been the result of various possible deaths?

Hitler is killed in a brawl on the steps of the art academy after striking a jewish child he trips over on his way out. WWI proceeds, Weimar Republic starts late, WWII delayed until 1948, the US drops the atomic bomb on Germany in 1952, Niel Armstrong first man on the moon 1969.

Or, Hitler avoids the brawl only to get run over by a horse drawn sausage cart. Vienna passes tough horse-drawn carriage laws prompting a quick acceptance of automobiles, Austria becomes an industrial powerhouse, WWI won by Germany thanks to technological advances, 30s depression averted, Willy Brandt first man on the moon 1958.

Or, Hitler avoids the brawl and the carriage only to be the random victim of Russia’s experimental gelatin-encasing weapon. The weapon is then used to eliminate enemies of Tsar Nicholas II. WWI proceeds and is promptly won by Russia in 1915. Russia becomes sole superpower, Vladamir Putin first man on the moon 1988.

Or, Hitler avoids the first three threats to his life only to die by marathon fornication with four Viennese prostitutes. The prostitutes are arrested but are revealed to be travellers from a very sexy parallel dimension who teach the Viennese their pleasurable ways. Janine Lindemulder first woman on the moon 1996.

Or, Hitler avoids the first four and is struck by a meteor that is the precursor of a massive asteroid strike to the Earth. 93% of species wiped out, leaving rats to evolve and create the perfect democracy, only to discover nationalism and create weapons of mass destruction, destroying the rest of the world. This allows the rise of a peaceful squid civilization. First squid on the moon 2,973,412.

Or, Hitler is caught between time travelling Nazis sent back to save his life and time travelling anti-Nazis sent back to kill him, only to be saved by his time travelling future self. Forgetting the first rule of time travel, the two Hitlers touch hands and create a time paradox that destroys all time and space.

Up next, what happens if Lincoln shoots first? While I appreciate the silliness of this episode, I would be more interested in a slightly more academic examination of likely scenarios. I love the premise of a service called “Multiversity” that lets you explore alternate histories like this.