Love, Death & Robots: Season 1 recap and review

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The Witness

A woman is attracted to her window by the sounds of gunfire and witnesses a murder in the building across the way. The murderer in question makes eye contact with her across the way, sees her face, and is frightened and confused to see she is the woman he has just killed.

The woman flees the scene as the man pursues her. She gets into a cab and calls emergency services to report the crime. Meanwhile, the man is able to follow her to work in another cab.

She is an exotic dancer at this techno punk leather club. He dance is extremely explicit. The man sits in the audience and is incapacitated by the attention of the club’s black latex-clad sex workers. Mid-dance, the woman notices him in the audience and takes off.

She finds a gun and runs half-naked through the streets away from him. Somehow he doesn’t seem threatening, more desperate and confused, just wanting to talk to her. Understandably, she doesn’t want to stop and talk.

She ends up running back to the apartment building the killer originally came out of and she hides in the first apartment she can find with an unlocked door. But it’s his apartment she’s in and when he comes in she points her gun at him.

They have a struggle where the gun goes off a few times and eventually the man is the one who ends up dead. Now she’s standing at the same window she witnessed the murder through earlier, and when she looks out the window she sees that the man she just killed is looking at her from the building across from her. They have traded roles in what seems like an endless time loop.

I like timey-wimey storylines, so the idea of this endless loop fascinated me. The animation is pretty cool as well, sexy and a little comic-booky, but also often looked like a cut scene from a video game.

That video game association for me was sometimes jarring and distracting, but mostly because it made me feel like I was suddenly watching something else.