Love, Death & Robots: Season 1 recap and review

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Hank and his wife Beth are farmers whose evening is interrupted when their sensors alert them to a breach along their property line. Hank gets into his huge mechanical suit as Beth calls a neighbor for backup.

What they mean by a breach is some kind of portal through which deadly alien creatures come to take their livestock and prey on the community. Hank casually shoots down a single creature that comes through, but a lot more quickly follow it. By the time he has it under control, there’s only one cow left.

But that’s not the last of his problems, as he can see a giant breach forming along the horizon. Sensors say thousands of creatures are incoming.

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Beth organizes the evacuation of local families to their bunker while Hank and neighbors Jake and Mel back him up in their own mech-suits.

They hope to hold them off long enough to get the families safe, but don’t hold out hope for much more than that. They are immediately swarmed as Beth tries her best to coordinate her neighbors.

Jake ends up sacrificing himself to save the others and Beth manages to get everyone inside the bunker safely. Beth and Hank work together to take down one massive boss creature as Jake’s now widow helps to hold off the swarm.

With Hank caught in the blast that kills the boss, his survival is initially in question. But thanks to Jake’s sacrifice and the support of his wife, not only is Hank alive but all the families in their community. The frame zooms out to reveal that they are living in a protective dome, one of many on an in-hospital ringed planet, with swarms of creatures climbing the dome.

Suits is a fun battle with cool creatures, but it also has a lot of heart and a sense of community and teamwork behind it. Not to mention a strong and capable female presence that is never once undermined.