9 Bold Predictions for Game of Thrones season 8

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The Night King on Game of Thrones / Image by Helen Sloan/HBO

3. Cersei will wind up playing little to no part in the war against the White Walkers

The second thought about this legendary war: Cersei isn’t going to help.

Or at least she’s not going to send her army. She’s committed to prepping herself and King’s Landing for the eventual attack on the throne. She’s not about to waste her shiny new mercenaries to fight some Night King. Plus, the fact that this massive battle takes place halfway through the season says, to me, that there are two enemies that need to be defeated and each will get half the season.

Cersei will have her time against the North and the dragons, but it’ll have to wait until the back half of the season.

That said, I do think the North fighters (really just meaning Jamie) wind up reaching out to her for her gigantic crossbow. Daenerys saw what it did to her dragon. Equip that with dragon glass and you have the one thing that will be able to take out the Night King’s dragon.

4. Who will die

Really all anyone wants from predictions for Game of Thrones are thoughts on what big names meet their end. Don’t worry, I have that for you.

You can say goodbye now to: Euron, Bran, Melisandre, Grey Worm, Cersei, Podrick, Tormund, the Hound, Missandei and Ser Jorah. More may die, but I feel confident we’ll be left without these few, at least.

Reasoning? Euron is going to be betrayed by Cersei. That’s pretty obvious. He’s a fool for trusting her. He’ll serve his purpose (you know, getting the Golden Company to Westeros) and she’ll leave him high and dry. She won’t kill him though. Theon will redeem himself by saving Yara. One of them will end Euron’s life and take back the Iron Islands. (This will be the South’s storyline while the North is fighting the White Walkers.)

Bran, after informing Jon of his lineage and true parentage, will have served his purpose (both cosmically and in terms of the plot). Melisandre has already predicted her death many times over. She knows she has a part to play, but she knows she has a death coming to her as well.

Podrick, Tormund and Ser Jorah. Fighters to the end, bound to die on the battlefield.

The Hound will die protecting Arya. As he dies, Arya will be at his side.

Why did I kill off Grey Worm and Missandei? Well…

5. Daenerys is left without allies

As I said, the battle with the White Walkers will not go well. When the dust settles, Daenerys will be left with no original allies. No Ser Jorah, no Missandei, no Grey Worm. This will force her to truly band together with Jon and Tyrion so she can finally take the Iron Throne.

Without her so-called “foreign” allies, Daenerys will unite the three most powerful houses in Westeros. Targaryen, Stark (or “Stark,” considering Jon’s true lineage) and Lannister will, finally, not be at war. That image and message, devoid of the stupid “but she sides with foreigners” complaint that Cersei wants to embed in peoples’ heads, will unite the seven kingdoms behind Daenerys.