The Dragon Prince: An underrated Netflix original

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Photo Credit: Netflix

3. Fantastic artwork

The animation style is unique as it attempts to blend 3D animation with stop motion to create an animation effect as the 2D cartoons we’re familiar with, i.e, create the look of hand-drawn cartoons. Into the Spiderverse does something similar, but is a lot smoother as it has more frames as compared to The Dragon PrinceThe Dragon Prince‘s animation occasionally came off as jarringly jerky.

While people took issue with the animation and the frame rate, which is something the creators have promised to try to address, the art itself was very beautiful. Each of the five kingdoms in the Pentarchy has distinctly different styles of clothing, color palettes, and motifs, with a very signature look. The Xadians, elves drawing their power from different primal sources also have very different and unique character designs.

The Sunfire elves are clad in gold and are dark skinned with swords that can cut through anything while the Moonshadow elves are pale, with white hair and draw their power from the moon.

Aside from the characters, the magical creatures and the landscapes of both Xadia and Pentarchy are very pleasing to the eye and very beautiful. Despite the sometimes dark tones of the show, the artwork makes it very pleasant to the eye and the detailing is superb.