The Dragon Prince: An underrated Netflix original

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4. Multiple themes explored

The show might seem simple enough, but personally, I found that there was so much to read between the lines.

The idea that humans were driven away because of their destructive nature resonated with me. They didn’t seem to find anything wrong or hesitate at the idea of taking a life if it meant achieving what they wanted via magic. They did this to the extent that Xadians drove the humans out of the magical land because not unlike what we see today, humans don’t seem capable of appreciating the simplicity and beauty of things without attempting to turn it into something for their own gain, even if it meant destroying said beauty. This especially reflects in a mission to hunt down dragons, beings that don’t attack unless provoked.

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Another interesting theme explored is the political power play, which seems somewhat a reflection of the politics we see today. The villain, as evil as he may be, has a very convoluted sense of what is right and wrong. His idea of ‘power’ is very skewed, he seems to care for humanity as a whole, but doesn’t care if it comes with collateral damage in the form of human lives.

It also seems from what we have seen so far, that the relationship between siblings will be a strong theme in the upcoming seasons. Apart from this, the themes of greed, grief, and war are also heavily explored.