10 new Netflix originals to keep you busy this April

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ULTRAMAN / Image by Netflix

A new month means a new collection of new and intriguing Netflix originals to add to the bingeing schedule.

As always, Netflix is big on variety and diversity, so everything from Japanese anime to Scandinavian crime dramas are here represented to keep you busy during all those April showers.

Ultraman: Season 1 – April 1

In yet another spinoff for a series that holds the 2013 Guinness Book World Record for most spinoffs, this Ultraman centers around the son of Ultraman.

With his father having left the planet in peace decades previously, his son must “rise to protect Earth from a new alien threat.” Of course, there is a league of Ultramen to whom the young man has to prove himself and earn the privilege of wearing the suit.

Based on the trailer, this Japanese language Netflix original anime series looks beautifully animated and action-packed. And while it breathes new life into the classic franchise, it also harkens back to the series origins with an appearance from Ultraman’s first great enemy, Bemular, and flashbacks to the original Ultraman suit.

The Ultraman trailer is filled with bizarre alien creatures, both threatening and friendly, and Kaijus aplenty – which should only be expected in a series that shares a creator with creatures like Godzilla and Mothra. Can the son of Ultraman live up to his father’s legacy?

He’s not so sure, but the fate of the planet might depend on it.