10 new Netflix originals to keep you busy this April

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Quicksand – April 5

No one does crime drama better than the people of Scandinavia, so you can bet that this Swedish thriller about the aftermath of a school shooting and a girl who finds herself on trial for murder will be dark, moody, and compelling.

Quicksand is based on the bestselling book of the same name by Malin Persson Giolito and adapted by the writer of the Danish/Swedish crime thriller The Bridge.

This Netflix original follows the story of a girl named Maja who finds herself in a relationship with a troubled young man and her dedication to him as his behavior begins to spiral out of control.

What her role in the shooting and her level of complicity will be revealed as the episodes peel away the layers of the time leading up to the incident.

It looks sexy, dangerous, full of moral complexity, and totally bingeable.

Roman Empire: Season 3 – April 5

Roman Empire is a dramatic docuseries examining the reigns of the various Roman rulers over the years of the Empire. Season one focused on Commodus and season two on Julius Caesar.

Season three of this Netflix original should be especially interesting and maybe a little twisted, as the series turns it’s focus onto the mad and hedonistic reign of Caligula.

Roman Empire is unique in its mixture of documentary and historical epic. The series incorporates interviews with scholars and illustrative diagrams with a dramatic adaptation of events. I was a big fan of HBO’s Rome when it was on, so learning reliable historical facts while watching a compelling and juicy historical drama sounds like an amazing deal.

I love the idea of combining education with entertainment, but the educational element of historical drama is so rarely accurate. Now with Roman Empire, you can binge guilt-free because you’re actually learning something!