10 new Netflix originals to keep you busy this April

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Rilakkuma and Kaoru: Season 1 – April 19

Based on the trailer, this Netflix original looks like a cute little stop-animation series about two teddy bears and a bird that lives with a woman who makes them delicious food.

I’m sure it’s more than that, but that seems to be the most prominent aspect. Kaoru is the woman they live with, who is a single working professional and filled with all the daily worries of reality.

The animals are relaxed and carefree and offer her the moments of comfort that she so desperately needs to get by. Rilakkuma, which literally translates to “relax bear,” is the biggest of the two bears and an insanely popular character in Japan.

Kaoru is a stressed-out office lady and Rilakkuma gives her the encouragement she needs to take “10 minutes to just…relax.” Good advice for a crazy, work-driven world.

Selection Day: Part 2 – April 22

This Netflix original is the inspiring family drama about two brothers whose over-bearing father trained them their entire lives to become professional cricket players.

When they finally get a chance to prove themselves at a new school in Mumbai, they discover a world they’ve been missing out on because of their father’s single-minded ways. With the pressure of adolescence combined with the stress of Selection day, the brothers discover their own identities and find the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

Part one was well received with a 94% approval rating among Google users, so part two of the series has been highly anticipated.

Chambers: Season One – April 26

Chambers is a 10-episode supernatural psychological horror Netflix original series starring Uma Thurman and not much more has been revealed about it beyond that.

We know that it’s about a young woman who receives a heart transplant and is afterward plagued by eerie visions and increasingly bizarre behavior, taking on the disturbing characteristics of the heart’s previous owner.

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The Netflix original series is created by Leah Rachel (Audrey) and also stars Sivan Alyra Rose, Griffin Powell-Arcand, Tony Goldwyn, Marcus LaVoi, Lilliya Scarlett Reid, and Nicholas Galitzine.

Rachel intriguingly reveals that “what starts out as a grounded human story eventually pivots into something far more strange and f***ed up than you were expecting.”

Sounds weird!