Dead To Me: First look at Netflix’s dark new comedy!


Netflix unveils the first trailer for new series, Dead To Me.

The upcoming dark comedy already looks like it’s going to be our new Netflix obsession. Dead To Me, starring Christina Applegate (Bad Moms) and Linda Cardellini (Bloodline), centers around two grieving women who try to cope with the death of their loved ones. Of course, things take a dark turn as the law seems to catch up to them for a myriad of reasons.

While Applegate and Cardellini absolutely shine in the trailer, the people behind the scenes are equally impressive. Liz Feldman (2 Broke Girls) created the series with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell teaming up to executive produce. The two have partnered on multiple successful projects but most recently the surprise summer hit, Succession, on HBO.

Dead To Me revolves around Jen (Applegate), a widow who recently lost her husband to a hit-and-run. She’s desperate to get justice for him while struggling to deal with her overbearing neighbors.  Meanwhile, Judy (Cardellini) is much more of a caring free spirit who reaches out to Jen at a support group. The two form an unlikely friendship but things definitely take an interesting turn as the trailer reveals there’s more to Judy than meets the eye.

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On top of Applegate and Cardellini, Dead To Me also has a strong supporting cast. Brandon Scott and James Marsden appear to be playing potential love interests for Judy’s character. Meanwhile, Jen has two children, Henry (Luke Roessler) and Charlie (Sam McCarthy) who are also trying to deal with the sudden loss of their father. In the trailer, the boys don’t seem to appreciate Judy’s integration into their lives but despite her mysterious past, she’s the only one who doesn’t walk on eggshells around Jen.

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Source: Deadline