DC Universe’s Doom Patrol season 1, episode 8 recap: Danny Patrol


In episode eight of Doom Patrol, the Bureau of Normalcy are after the sentient Danny Street – a former safe haven for people who don’t fit the norm.

Doom Patrol is in a bind. Cliff Steele/ Robotman retaliated again Crazy Jane in the previous episode of the show, causing her to run away. Jane showed the team her painting of Victor Stone/ Cyborg killing the Doom Patrol, and Vic is struggling with that ominous premonition.

Larry and Vic Find Danny Street

Meanwhile, old memories of the ‘Ant Farm’ have resurfaced for Larry Trainor/ Negative Man. Larry was taken against his will for experimentation by the Bureau of Normalcy in 1963, and that, understandably traumatized him. Larry finds Vic mulling over the painting when they are interrupted by a package. It’s a cake for Niles Caulder/ Chief – the address mentions Danny Cakes from Danny Street, Springfield Ohio.

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Vic doesn’t find a Danny Street in his records, but Larry asks him to ‘follow the cake’. Danny Street is a sentient, gender-queer entity that needs Niles’ help. Except, since Niles is missing, they will have to deal with Larry and Vic. Through graffiti and lights, Danny explains that they are on the run from Darren Jones, a member of the Bureau of Normalcy – the same agency that captured Larry all those years ago.

Doom Patrol — EP 108 — “Danny Patrol” — Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Two years ago, Jones had sent his partner Agent Morris Wilson (stage and screen actor Alan Mingo Jr.) to investigate a mysterious street. Wilson had come across a Cabaret on Danny Street and the moment he stepped inside he felt a huge burden lift from his shoulders. Knowing Danny Street couldn’t be harmed, Wilson tipped Danny off and they jumped to another location.

All this is explained to Larry and Vic by Maura Lee Karupt, the Cabaret drag queen formerly known as Agent Wilson. Danny Street has been a safe haven, but now the people are scared. ‘No one should ever have to feel uncomfortable in their own skin’.

According to Maura, if people stop being happy, Danny’s heart will stop. Vic knows he has to help these people, but Larry’s too afraid to go against the Bureau. To drown his sorrows, Larry returns to the Cabaret. He’s asked to sing and appears to reluctantly go up on stage to belt out an empowering song with Maura about the marginalized and the ‘abnormal’ sticking together. It’s a great excuse to get Matt Bomer and Mingo Jr. to shimmy and flaunt their vocal abilities.

Doom Patrol — EP 108 — “Danny Patrol” — Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Unfortunately, all that was in Larry’s mind. He rejects the offer to sing and leaves the Cabaret. Vic finds Larry and as the two of them discuss next steps, Morris Wilson joins them. Wilson believes if he sacrifices his Maura Lee persona and returns to the Bureau, he can successfully throw Jones off Danny’s scent. Danny is upset by this revelation, but Wilson can’t see any other way to save these people.

That’s when the Bureau arrive. Danny refuses to run, so Vic has another plan. Gathering all the folks on Danny Street, they create a barrier that the Bureau can’t breach. When Jones realizes that Maura used to be Wilson, he hurls insults at her, but Maura is no longer afraid of Jones. After Maura’s done beating Jones to a pulp, Larry warns the agent and the Bureau to never come after Danny Street again. ‘Tell them Captain Trainor sends his best’.

Now that Danny and the people are safe, Vic implores the street to tell him something that will help Doom Patrol locate Niles. Danny doesn’t want to get involved, but they leave Vic with a comic book. How meta!

Rita and Cliff Meet Karen

When Jane calls Doom Manor, she isn’t quite herself. Rita Farr/ Elasti-Girl figures out that another of Jane’s personalities has taken over. Karen is a blonde, love-struck woman who lives in a fantasy world where she pursues a man named Doug (Brent Bailey). Karen keeps breaking up with Doug, but every time she returns to him, Karen wins him back with her ‘love spell’. This is her superpower.

Doom Patrol — EP 108 — “Danny Patrol” — Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Karen invites Rita and Cliff to her house because Doug’s family are not taking his reunion with Karen well. Karen needs Rita’s help to diffuse the situation, but she asks Cliff to sit this dinner out since he’s ‘weird and creepy’. Cliff is a saint for putting up with Jane’s personalities!

Rita can’t get through to Karen who is convinced she loves Doug. Karen even gets down on one knee and proposes to him, leading to Doug’s family to throw in the towel. But then Rita witnesses Karen’s power for herself. With one flash of neon eyes, Doug’s entire family is swooning over Karen’s impending nuptials. When Rita confronts Karen about using her powers against Doug and his family, Karen turns on her and flashes her love spell on Rita.

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Cliff has been stuck outside this whole time, but he got to hang out with a kid so he wasn’t alone. Rita comes to get him as Karen wants Cliff to walk her down the aisle. Confused by this request and concerned that Karen is acting against Jane’s will, Cliff refuses. Karen’s powers, unsurprisingly, don’t work on Cliff. When Doug arrives, Cliff lashes out and Hammerhead briefly takes over Jane’s body. In the ensuing tussle among everybody involved, it looks like something inside Jane absorbs all her personalities, leaving a catatonic husk for Cliff and Rita to deal with.