The Society: Netflix releases first look trailer for YA thriller


Netflix has released a trailer for the upcoming young adult thriller series The Society, which is set to be released May 10.

Netflix’s The Society is a disturbing social thriller in which a group of teenagers is mysteriously transported to a facsimile of their quiet New England town and left without adult supervision. Things predictably get out of control as the teenagers quickly devolve into uncivilized chaos in what is being described as a modern-day take on William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

The trailer, set to Billy Eilish’s “Bury a Friend,” features a girl trying to call her mother for help. “It’s been nine days. We’re all alone. Some of us thought it would be fun to be in charge of ourselves. Things got bad,” she explains. The trailer depicts the group of teenagers partying, drinking, kissing – innocent enough fun – but then quickly spirals out of control with various acts of looting, violence, and murder. Nine days? That’s all it takes for these people to forget their supposedly civilized upbringing and resort to needless murder? That’s pretty depressing.

The style of the series echoes shades of the CW’s Riverdale, especially with characters presenting a clean, well-bred facade that hides darker and more violent intentions. There’s something truly frightening about a bunch of jocks in matching varsity jackets that really awakes a primal fear within me. You just know that someone is either about to be hazed to death or gang-raped. And there’s nothing more inexplicable or scary than blind mob mentality, so it looks like The Society is hitting all the right (or wrong) notes to be a truly disturbing tale.

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The Society is written by Chris Keyser, who created the original Party of Five and is still apparently making relevant YA material over 20 years later. The series is directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-man) and stars Rachel Keller (Cassandra), Kathryn Newton (Allie), Alex Fitzalan (Harry), Kristine Froseth (Kelly), Jacques Colimon (Will), Sean Berdy (Sam), Toby Wallace (Campbell), Gideon Adlon (Becca), Olivia DeJonge (Elle), Alex MacNicoll (Luke), Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena), Jose Julian (Gordie), Salena Qureshi (Bean), Jack Mulhern (Grizz) and Grace Victoria Cox (Lexie). All ten episodes will be released on Netflix on May 10.

Source: Deadline