Game of Thrones refresher: Where they are now?

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Cersei Lannister

A.K.A: Cersei the Lioness, The Mother of Madness
Age at the start of season 8: 43 years old
First appearance: S1, E1, “Winter is Coming”
Best moment: When she watched most of her enemies perish in the Sept explosion in one fell swoop.
Worst moment: Experiencing the loss of each one of her children, which turns her into more and more of a monster.
Where he/she is at the end of season 7: She’s alone with the Mountain and Qyburn in Kings Landing. She lied about sending the Lannister army north to help Daenerys and Jon fight the Army of the Dead. Jaime leaves her to go help, even though she threatens to kill him if he leaves. Oh, and she’s also pregnant with another devil baby.
Season 8 bold prediction: There’s no way Cersei survives this season because if this is the end, the bad guy can’t win. But this is Game of Thrones and anything’s possible. I wonder if she doesn’t survive childbirth, in a cruel, ironic twist. But something tells me Jaime kills her.

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Daenerys Targaryen

A.K.A: Dany, Khalessi, The Mother of Dragons, Stormborn, The Unburnt, Mhysa
Age at the start of season 8: 23 years old
First appearance: S1, E1, “Winter is Coming”
Best moment: Killing the Khals and walking through fire, gaining legions of new followers.
Worst moment: Watching her beloved dragon Viserion die beyond the Wall.
Where he/she is at the end of season 7: She’s heading north on a ship with Jon to White Harbor, and then to Winterfell, even though Jorah suggested she fly to protect herself. Last we see her, she is with Jon, getting busy. And they don’t know they’re related…yet.
Season 8 bold prediction: While we know now that she’s not the true heir to the Iron Throne, I think she still ends up on it. In my happy ending, she and Jon rule Westeros together. But I fear she’s sitting there alone. Do I think she’s pregnant with a future heir? Yes, because that witch that told her she was barren was crazy. But that means she and Jon need to marry, so the baby isn’t a bastard.