Game of Thrones refresher: Where they are now?

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A.K.A: The Red Woman
Age at the start of season 8: 402 years old
First appearance: S2, E1 “The North Remembers”
Best moment: When she gave birth to her smoke baby.
Worst moment: Being exiled by the very guy she brought back to life.
Where he/she is at the end of season 7: She’s in Volantis, in Essos, but she will return to Westeros because she’s supposed to die there.
Season 8 bold prediction: I mean, she told us exactly what would happen to her, and I don’t think it will happen after the Great War. The religion she follows is all about having a purpose, and she knows she has a purpose and that’s why she’s still alive and kickin’ at 402 years old. Once she fulfills this purpose, she will finally die.

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A.K.A: None
Age at the start of season 8: Unknown
First appearance: S3, E1 “Valar Dohaeris”
Best moment: When Dany freed her from slavery.
Worst moment: Watching Grey Worm nearly die.
Where he/she is at the end of season 7: On her way north to White Harbor.
Season 8 bold prediction: She will live on, and I think she might even kill a wight herself.