The Act season 1, episode 5 recap: Plan B

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The Act — “Plan B” – Episode 105 — Gypsy and Nick scheme to meet in person and hope to win Dee Dee’s approval, but when their plan goes disastrously wrong, they’ll be pushed to make an extreme choice in order to be together. Nick Godejohn (Calum Worthy), shown. (Photo by: Brownie Harris/Hulu)

She finds him in the hallway and gestures for him to go into the family bathroom. She joins him and the two kiss and hold each other for the first time. Gypsy then takes off her dress and lies it on the ground. The two lie down and have sex on top of the dress.

Meanwhile, Dee Dee is getting anxious about how long Gypsy is taking. She even goes out to look for her but decides not to knock on the family bathroom door. Rather, Dee Dee returns to her seat to watch the movie. Eventually, Gypsy returns and the two watch the rest of the movie together.

After, Gypsy and Dee Dee run into Nick again on their way out of the building. Dee Dee snaps and berates Nick, calling him a creep and pedophile. She asks him what his name is, but Nick freezes and can’t say anything.

Dee Dee angrily wheels Gypsy out of the building while Gypsy tries to protest saying that Nick (well, this “stranger”) could be a nice person and Dee Dee didn’t need to yell at him.

They get in their car and drive off while Gypsy looks back at Nick standing alone on the sidewalk.

Back home, Dee Dee questions if Gypsy knew the “stranger.” Gypsy says that she doesn’t. But, once Gypsy gets back to her room, she gets a text from Nick.

Nick explains that his brain just shuts down in pressure situations. However, he now says that Dee Dee is on his “bad list” and he’s decided that he’s going to call Dee Dee and tell her exactly who he is. Before Gypsy can tell him not to, the home phone rings.

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Dee Dee answers and Nick says he’s in love with Gypsy and he’s probably going to be the father of Gypsy’s kids. Dee Dee threatens to call the police, but Nick is unfazed, telling Dee Dee that there’s nothing she can do about the fact that he and Gypsy are in love. He hangs up on her before she can say any more.

When Dee Dee gets off the phone, Gypsy asks who she was talking to and Dee Dee lies by saying it was a telemarketer.

Dee Dee then goes to her room and calls Gypsy. When Gypsy gets there, Dee Dee is holding the fabric she had previously tried to tie Gypsy up with. Gypsy goes cold and doesn’t even protest as she gets in the bed, puts her wrists together and puts her hands by one of the bed posts for her mother to tie her up.

Gypsy stays emotionless until her mom leaves the room. With a door between them, both women cry.

Hours pass and it’s nighttime now. Dee Dee comes back in the room to untie Gypsy for dinner. Gypsy still has a cold, blank expression on her face.

Once free, Gypsy texts Nick three words: “I need Victor.”

A plan forms as the two text back and forth about it being time for them to start their life together. To do that, Gypsy needs Victor to kill Dee Dee.

The Act then transitions to the mall with Gypsy and Dee Dee. Dee Dee is still having foot pain and the two sit down to rest and have some water. Gypsy drinks hers quickly and then says she needs to go to the bathroom. She quickly wheels herself away from her mother before her mother can make a move to try to keep up.

Rather than go to the bathroom, Gypsy heads to another floor of the mall to a hunting store where she buys a knife. The clerk spends so much time describing knives that Gypsy almost gets caught by her mother, who had started to panic after looking in the bathroom and not seeing Gypsy.

Luckily, Gypsy spots a kiosk selling stuffed animals. She buys a kangaroo with a joey in its pouch.

Dee Dee catches up to Gypsy and is ready to be furious at her. But Dee Dee softens immediately when she sees what Gypsy had bought for her. The two then leave the mall and head home.

That night, Gypsy shows off the knife for Nick. As they talk, Nick says that he (well, Victor) won’t be able to do anything until he can save enough money to make the trip and pay for a motel room.

Gypsy, who has been siphoning off money from her mom, says not to worry about it, she’ll pay. Gypsy lays out the tape, her mom’s pills, gloves, and the knife. This, she tells Nick, will be the last night the two of them sleep alone.

The next day, Nick is on the bus back to Gypsy.

Meanwhile, Gypsy helps her struggling mother cut her toenails. Something shifts in Gypsy. Perhaps she realizes these will be some of her last moments with her mother. She offers to pain Dee Dee’s nails.

Gypsy then asks if they can go to the doctor to get her feeding tube replaced. They do and it’s replaced.

Before they leave the doctor’s office, Gypsy grabs her mom’s hand, clearly edging ever closer to an emotional break. Just then, Dee Dee says she owes Gypsy an apology. Gypsy had asked for a Dr. Pepper at the movies and Dee Dee had told her no. Dee Dee says she should have let Gypsy have a sip.

It doesn’t seem like it’s the apology Gypsy wanted or needed. She says nothing, she just looks at Dee Dee.

The Act then cuts to that night as the two women get ready for bed. Gypsy tells Nick to text her when he gets to the door and has the gloves on. Dee Dee then takes her pills and then climbs into bed with Gypsy.

The two lie on their sides and look at each other. One last time.

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Later, Gypsy moves quickly around her room, packing a suitcase and getting ready to leave. This episode of The Act ends with Nick texting that he’s arrived.

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