Amazon Prime renews Hanna for season two


Amazon Prime’s series adaptation of Hanna has been renewed for a second season after critical and popular acclaim.

Amazon Prime’s Hanna has been renewed for a second season not even two weeks after its premiere on March 29. The series is based on Joe Wright’s 2011 film and was written by David Farr (The Night Manager), who also wrote the original film. Farr is set to write for season two, taking Hanna into new territory previously unexplored by either the film or the series up to this point. He released a statement regarding the renewal to Deadline.

"“I am very much looking forward to taking Hanna on the next stage of her journey. The next season will take us into a whole new imaginative world. I can’t wait to explore fresh terrain for this lonely young woman who wants only to belong, but who has to fight every day just to survive.”"

For fans of the phenomenal The Night Manager and of the original film of Hanna, Farr’s involvement in the next season is obviously key to its success. Hanna’s first season feels simultaneously tightly plotted and slow burning, ripe with both human insight and tense action.  While the story takes it’s time, there’s not a moment wasted on superfluous details or unimportant moments, but also takes delight in the beauty of human connections.

The series is an exciting tale of conspiracy and espionage, but it is first and foremost a coming of age tale and a journey of self-discovery. And based on the ending of season one, there is plenty of self-discovery left to explore, and not just for Hanna.

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The series was also an excuse for the joyous reunion of Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman from The Killing. The friends and co-stars had been looking for the right time and project on which to work together again and Hanna provided the perfect opportunity. While it would at first seem unlikely that Kinnaman would appear in season two, there’s no telling where the story may lead and how he might be incorporated.

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Source: Deadline