Black Summer season 1, episode 2 recap: Drive


As two groups of characters separately make their way to the stadium, they witness and encounter numerous dangers along the way on Black Summer.

Drive: The Korean woman, Barbara, and the man who beat up Barbara’s hijacker continue to drive along the road. Both women are a little wary of the man, but he promises that he’s a good guy and that he won’t rape either of them. Somehow the women don’t seem soothed by this statement. But he does seem like a good guy, and despite Barbara’s worry about being left behind, he promises not to dump her. His name is William and the Korean woman’s name is Sun. As Sun takes over navigation, they discover that they are being followed by a sinister black truck on Black Summer. They are worried about being hijacked for their gas.

Nature Show: Meanwhile, Rose’s group continues to walk along as they witness a number of disturbing events. A woman and her daughter sit in a car, brandishing a gun threateningly when Rose tries to stop and help them. They watch two people get split up when they are attacked by a zombie and one of them gets caught, the other one tries to help but is forced to abandon the friend to save himself.

Bicycle: William decides that the road they are on sucks, despite it being the most direct route to the stadium. Sun tries to argue with him when he turns down a different road but he assures the women that he knows the area and that his way will be better. Immediately after this statement, they are attacked by a group of stone-throwing locals who barrage the car as they drive along the road. They escape in a panic and run over a bicycle that gets caught under the car.

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They stop so Sun can pull the bicycle out, but it’s jammed pretty hard. She is able to pull it out just as a zombie comes running after her. As they drive away, the zombie hops on the car and they have to maneuver to ram him off. After all their trouble, William admits that his route sucked after all and promises that next time he’ll listen. They stop the car to look at the map when the black truck reappears and idles behind them threateningly.

The Others: They think about getting out an confronting the people in the truck, but decide just to drive on instead. The truck follows ominously. They speed up and the truck follows. They try to outrun them and the truck follows. Eventually, they lose them along the streets of the suburbs, hiding down an alley as the truck passes them by. They continue on their way to the stadium.

Follower: Rose asks Spears some very practical questions about ammo and the authorities that they might be able to contact for help. Spears tells her that they’re on their own, just like the soldier at the last checkpoint said. They come across the same car they saw before with the woman and her daughter, only this time the woman is missing and the daughter are accompanied by three burly men, The car passes them by and there’s nothing they can do to help the girl.

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Last Stop: As William, Sun, and Barbara drive along they bond, sing, and let their guard down. Suddenly the truck is upon them and ramming them from behind, trying to force them off the road. The best they can do is fight back, so William tells the women to buckle up and starts ramming the truck back. As they speed along, distracted by the fight, they approach a concrete roadblock and both cars run headlong into it. Barbara doesn’t have her seatbelt on and flies through the windshield and dies instantly. The truck’s driver also dies and soon the surviving occupants of both vehicles join together to evade their zombified friends as they barricade themselves in a nearby diner.

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