A Discovery of Witches: 5 reasons you should be watching this magical series

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Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop, Matthew Goode as Matthew Clairmont – A Discovery of Witches _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/SundanceNow/Shudder/Bad Wolf

4. The show is gorgeous

From the pilot, A Discovery of Witches is breathtakingly beautiful. Plenty of far away shots let viewers see the scenery whether it’s Matthew in the country or Diana in the library. As shows get increasingly darker, this series always seems to be full of light. As someone who has never been to Oxford or the Bodleian Library, the show does an excellent job trying to recreate some of the awe of arriving in such a place.

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Owen Teale as Peter Knox, Malin Buska as Satu Jarvinen – A Discovery of Witches _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/SundanceNow/Shudder/Bad Wolf

3. The acting is top-notch

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering both Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer have a long resume of successful acting jobs. However, what many don’t know is that A Discovery of Witches is full of talented actors. Lindsay Duncan plays the de Clermont matriarch Ysabeau and is absolutely phenomenal. In fact, Harkness was actually the one who was championing her casting despite doubtful fans. Duncan has made her name on stage and in front of the camera. She’s received two Olivier Awards and a Tony. Joining her is Alex Kingston, who may be more recognizable to the average viewer thanks to her role on ERArrow, and recently Amazon’s The Widow. She’s perfect as Diana’s stubborn and passionate Aunt Sarah while Valarie Pettiford, who plays Sarah’s partner, is her equal in every scene as the calm and compassionate Aunt Em.

However, A Discovery of Witches has also showcased some newer but equally incredible talent. Malin Buska plays Satu perfectly, and every time she walks on screen an uneasiness settles in. Meanwhile, Aiysha Hart and Edward Bluemel seem to have exploded since the series debuted. Hart can be seen in two upcoming films, Hope Gap and Mughal Mowgli, which both have impressive casts. Meanwhile, Bluemel joined the second season of the critically beloved Killing Eve.