Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2 reactions and surprises

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Not that surprising

1. THAT scene, again
Yes, Arya and Gendry earn a spot in the “not that surprising” category because who hasn’t been ‘shipping them since they met back in season 2. Yes, he’s a bit older than her, but now that Arya is a woman, it’s totally cool that they acted on their feelings.

2. Jaime lives
There is no way that Jaime was going to ride all the way up north only to be executed within the first five minutes. Well, I’m glad that didn’t happen, anyway.

3. It’s not you; it’s me
Jon tells Daenerys that he is Aegon Targaryen, son of her brother and Lyanna Stark. I’m a little surprised that he told her so soon after he found out. But I’m not surprised that Dany just glazed over the fact that she’s in love with her nephew. She is more concerned about her claim to the throne.

Photo Credit: HBO

4. The Night King’s endgame
We finally know what the Night King wants: a permanent night. Is anyone that surprised? I never believed any of the theories that he’s actually the good guy or that he’s actually Bran Stark. There’s not enough time to explain anything other than he’s the bad guy and they have to defeat him.

5. Cersei is a no-show
It’s not that surprising that Cersei wasn’t anywhere to be found this episode because all the action is happening in the north. Don’t count on her showing up next week either.