On My Block season 2, episode 5 recap: Chapter Fifteen


On My Block has put Ruby through the wringer, and it’s finally catching up to him.

On My Block is showing Ruby’s gradual mental downfall, and it’s a shame that it’s never quite addressed in the manner it should be. There are many obstacles that could get in the way of seeking help, but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have been mentioned. It would have been a great opportunity to address it, but alas, it never happens.

Jamal learns that Abuelita is not doing so great, and her arthritis is really starting to act up. Considering he’s the only one who knows about it, he’s eager to help her get the help she needs. The rest of her family is preoccupied with their own lives, and ever since Jamal has been working closely with Abuelita, he’s formed a sincere bond with her.

But she refuses to go to the doctor, so he takes her to a healer named Rosario instead. Abuelita and Rosario have some interesting history due to the fact that Rosario gave her a bad batch of marijuana back in the day. Nonetheless, Abuelita believes in Rosario’s power and soon learns that the bad luck is because something new has entered her life–aka Jamal’s money. You can imagine how Jamal is feeling at that moment.

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About a month has passed since Ceaser and Monse broke up at this point in On My Block. Ceaser is anxiously trying to get a hold of her, but let’s just say, she’s really settling into her new life. She looks different, acts different, and feels different. Honestly, I’m pretty happy about this change in her life. Ceaser, on the other hand, not so much. When he opens up to a girl named Paula at work, let’s just say it’s less talking and more hooking up.

And of course, of course, after Ceaser tries to take his mind off the breakup, Monse texts saying she misses him.

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Ruby’s been up and down since the dance and after learning about his state of mind, Oscar decides to do something about it. He drags him to a Santos party and let’s just say, Ruby is not excited to be there. He doesn’t feel comfortable and it’s not his scene, until…

Well, until he starts to organize all the liquor bottles and gives some serious thought to event planning. With a plan in mind and some alcohol in his system, Ruby is feeling a bit better than he had been recently. The party isn’t just a gamechanger for Ruby, but his brother Mario ends up hooking with his ex. A drunk Ruby reveals that Mario’s going to be a father soon and then manages to piss off the Santos. Looks like Oscar’s truce is over.