One Strike, Two Balls: 3 reasons to watch IFC’s Brockmire

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Hank Azaria as Jim Brockmire, Richard Kind as Gus – Brockmire _ Season 3, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Kim Simms/IFC

Life within the game of baseball has all sorts of characters. The game of baseball has only 3 true outcomes, regardless of one’s pace of play.

Brockmire only knows certain routines and he enjoys this bubble of comfort,  in success and failure. Success goes to his head and he was born into humiliation and failure.

Baseball has it’s three true outcomes for each batter that comes to the plate. The game’s move towards these extremes has arguably ruined the game. Brockmire also had only three true options, and the wrong choice could ruin him. He could remain a drunk with all of those consequences, work a sobriety program, or try to cold-turkey this problem himself using his old logic.

“People only like me when I am drunk!” That notion is part of his problem. People like him for his honest moments, not his drunken mistakes. JK Simmon’s character is begging for the truth in season three and knows only Jim will give it to him straight. Brockmire was sober then. He was drunk when he sniffed up that emergency abortion pill by mistake.

Baseball is a gift of a game, while Brockmire is a basket case. His life without Jules is active but lacks excitement or meaning. The gift baskets he gives to all his rebound booty have wonderful themes to match the greatest butt monologue of this century.

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Speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Joel Church-Cooper expressed the importance of some of baseball’s more recognizable faces lending their participation to the series. There was also a tinge of shade thrown at MLB’s commissioner office, who had received show material for review.

"“It’s nice to get folks from the real sports world since we couldn’t get clearance to use Major League Baseball logos. When people come on set and poke fun at the pomposity of sports, I always like it. I think if Major League Baseball embraced this edgier comedy during prestige era TV, it would be good for them. They don’t necessarily feel that way. Maybe it was the bender at the end or masturbation on the mound. I understand their hestitation… Baseball is dying. We don’t want it to die. That’s one reason we made this show.”"