Swamp Thing: DC Universe takes us into the swamp with new trailer


Last week, Swamp Thing had its series order cut and appeared to be DOA. This week, we get a better look at the show in a new trailer. Let’s check it out!

Per a report from Deadline, DC Universe dropped a proper trailer for Swamp Thing. There was a brief teaser released last week that introduced us to Swamp Thing (Derek Mears). It may have been released to misdirect fans from the news that the series order had been abruptly cut.

The full trailer reminded me of the original Evil Dead. There are roots and vines with minds of their own stalking people in a small town near a swamp. The trailer plays a lot like a classic slasher film. There are people in boats on the water. The same people are getting maimed by something in the water. Then, other people are trying to blow up the water.

We get several shots of Mears as Swamp Thing. We also get to see Crystal Reed playing Abby Arcane from the CDC. She’s there to investigate the vines and Swamp Thing, which are thought to be some kind of virus.

Swamp Thing also stars Andy Bean (Power) as Alec Holland, who becomes Swamp Thing. Virginia Madsen (Candyman) stars as Maria Sunderland. There’s a great slow-mo shot of her finger-yelling directly into the camera. She must really drive people to do things. Jeryl Prescott (The Walking Dead) plays Madame Xanadu.

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Although last week’s news casts a pretty large shadow over any hopes of a season two, the show does look action-packed. Horror movies do well in the summer. This is the fledgling DC Universe’s shot at taking us into the dark for a couple of months. Let’s hope the sudden episode reduction does not alter the arc and flow of the season too drastically.

Are you excited for Swamp Thing? Did the trailer make you check your calendar for the release date? Let’s discuss in the comments!