On My Block season 2 finale recap: Chapter Twenty


On My Block ends the season with yet another frightening cliffhanger!

On My Block fans, are you doing okay after that season two finale? It was a rough one to get through and the final moments had most of us on the edge of our seats. The entire season has been all about Ceaser and his quest for finding safety. By the time we get to this season two finale, Oscar has a solid plan to help get Ceaser some safety.

The plan went something like this–the Prophets are locked away after the stolen money from the bank is tracked back to them. Basically, they all get caught (including Latrelle!), which solves one of the biggest problems of the season.

After everything Monse has gone through on this season of On My Block, she seems to be over the whole scene. The prospect of leaving Freeridge and going away to New Hampshire for school doesn’t seem so bad.

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She feels as if the boys aren’t grateful for her, and she wants to know what it’d be like to have girlfriends instead.

When Monse tells the boys that she’s going away for school and moving on, they don’t seem to believe her. It’s annoying for her to deal with, and honestly, I was right there with her.

Cut her some slack, boys! Fed up with them not believing her, she walks away with them bantering on behind her.

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She turns around in frustration to see if they even care, but they’re nowhere to be found. Say what? Did they actually run away that fast?! Unfortunately not. Unbeknownst to Monse, moments before she turned around, a van pulled up next to the boys and hooded them, and pushed them into the van. And just as Monse realized the boys were gone, the van pulls up by her and takes her as well.

Who the heck was in the van? Is it the Prophets? Is it Santos? Or someone else entirely? We have no idea, but we hope to find out (please renew, On My Block)! Please?

Until next season (fingers crossed), folks.