Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3 reactions and surprises

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Not surprised

1. Sam was useless.
This not only was unsurprising, but it was also annoying. There was too much time wasted on showing Sam crying or needing to be saved. He was nothing but a liability. He was utterly useless in this battle and should have been down in the crypts with the women and children. Maybe that’s harsh, but it had to be said.

2. Bran was pretty useless, too.
This is how I feel right now about Bran warging into some birds the entire 90 minutes of this episode. We only saw what he was doing for a brief moment. I hope whatever he was doing all that time will pay off in future episodes.

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3. The Starks in the crypts were raised by the Night King.
What is it Littlefinger said about the Starks back in season 1 about the Starks? “Ah, the Starks! Quick tempers, slow minds.” No, I don’t think the Starks are stupid. But they do make some really poor decisions and putting the defenseless in the crypts knowing that the Night King can raise people from the dead was pretty dumb. But at least we got that touching moment between Sansa and Tyrion, where it seems as though they were about to die fighting her ancestors. I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t get close-ups of Lyanna or Ned.

4. Jorah died saving Daenerys.
It was evident that Daenerys and Jorah would never be, although she loved him and he was completely in love with her. And even though I predicted this months ago, it wasn’t easy watching Jorah die.

5. The 400-year-old woman dies.
I mean, she said it in Season 7 that she would die in this strange country, meaning Westeros. So, it should come as no surprise that she dies.