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The Act — “Look at the Stars” – Episode 108 — Gypsy fights for her life by defending her actions, while Mel & Lacey realize that behind closed doors things were not always as they seemed. Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Joey King) and Nick (Cliff Chamberlain), shown. (Photo by: Brownie Harris/Hulu)

Rod also comes to the pre-trial conference for Gypsy and Nick. In a move that shocks Nick, Gypsy and her lawyer are using the medical records to separate Gypsy’s trial from Nick’s by arguing that, because Gypsy was abused by Dee Dee, the circumstances around Gypsy are very different than Nick’s.

The judge agrees and separates their cases. Nick starts to panic, repeating that he only did it for Gypsy.

After the conference, Gypsy asks if this means she won’t get the death penalty. This is when she learns the plan is for her to plead guilty and, hopefully, get a deal with less prison time. Gypsy, of course, maintains that she’s innocent.

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The Act then cuts to Mel and Lacey watching a news segment on Gypsy’s trial where Gypsy’s lawyer claims that Gypsy is a victim and this is a case of self defense.

Lacey blames herself for what happened because she showed Gypsy the website where she met Nick. Plus she had disregarded things that Gypsy had said as fantasies in her head. She thinks she missed the signs.

Just then Gypsy calls, but this time Lacey ignores the call.

Later, Mel says maybe Lacey actually should go talk to Gypsy to at least look her in the eye after all of the lies.

Instead of Lacey, Mel winds up visiting Gypsy.

Mel confronts Gypsy and asks when Gypsy knew everything her mom was saying and doing was a lie. Gypsy tries to explain that she trusted Dee Dee. Mel then says that Gypsy can’t always be the person Dee Dee made her in to, she has to find out who she truly is.

The Act then flashes back to the night of the murder. Gypsy and Dee Dee lie in bed and recall the night they spent looking at the stars together back in 1997 when they promised to protect each other. Gypsy starts to get emotional as they talk, but she winds up simply telling her mom good night.

Once Dee Dee is asleep Gypsy packs her suitcase and Nick texts that he’s there. Gypsy (not wearing gloves, mind you) takes the knife out and pauses in the hallway for a moment before ultimately deciding to let Nick (well, Victor) in.

She gives Nick the knife and leads him to the sleeping Dee Dee. Gypsy ducks into the bathroom as Nick goes into the room. From the bathroom, Gypsy hears Dee Dee screaming and fighting with Nick. She covers her ears and tries to block out the sounds of her mother dying. After a moment, there’s silence, followed by Nick knocking on the bathroom door.

It’s over. Nick’s killed Dee Dee. Gypsy is shaking and breathing hard. She takes the knife (again, without gloves while Nick wears gloves, I’m stuck on the gloves thing) and starts to rinse blood off of it.

Meanwhile, Nick just stands there stunned with blood on his neck and face. Gypsy gets wet wipes and cleans him up.

After, they go back to Gypsy’s room where she takes a deep breath and forces herself to be positive. After all, this is the fairytale she wanted. Nick then clears some of the stuffed animals off Gypsy’s bed and pulls her down. The two have sex. Much like all of the following events we see of her and Nick, it’s nothing like the fairytale she wants it to be.

The Act then shows the two taking their time cleaning blood off Nick’s clothes and getting Gypsy’s stuff together. Finally, Gypsy calls a taxi and the two leave the house.

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This season of The Act ends with the juxtaposition of Gypsy leaving the house with her head high and a smile on with Gypsy in prison, looking completely defeated.

After the episode, an epilogue states that Gypsy wound up pleading guilty to second degree murder and is serving a 10 year sentence. Nick was convicted of first degree murder and got life without parole.

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