15 new Netflix originals to keep you busy this May

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Undercover – May 3

Based on the trailer for this quirky Dutch/Belgian co-production, Undercover looks like an intense crime thriller with dark comedy aspects. The plot is inspired by real events as the Dutch and Belgian police join forces in order to take down an elusive drug lord. The police services team up their best undercover agents to pose as a married couple and befriend the drug lord. The mission is to gain the drug lord’s trust and infiltrate his criminal network in order to take it down. There are obviously a few cultural and personal clashes along the way between the two undercover agents, but they seem to be mostly light-hearted and humorous interactions.

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As with any forced fake marriage storyline, there are bound to be some comical aspects to their relationship and interactions. But any undercover storyline also evokes the constant tension from the fear of being found out. It is, after all, high stakes, life-or-death situation if their cover should be blown. Despite the underlying dread, Undercover looks like a lot of fun.

The series stars Tom Waes (The Memory of a Killer), Anna Drijver (Loft), Frank Lammers (Admiral), Elise Schaap (Familie Kruys), and Raymond Thiry (The Paradise Suite).