15 new Netflix originals to keep you busy this May

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White Gold Season Two – May 17

White Gold is a very British comedy about double-glazed window salesmen in Essex during the 1980s. Combine The Office’s everyday comedic mundanity and awkwardness with Anchorman’s anachronistic social attitudes with a hint of American Psycho, White Gold is all this and more. Created by Damon Beesley, who is also known for The Inbetweeners and his work on Flight of the Conchords, the series stars Ed Westwick as Vincent Swan, who presents the double-glazed window business to the audience like he’s Ray Liotta living the high life in Goodfellas. This is in stark contrast to the reality of his life, working out of a drab office selling plastic window frames in a rural/industrial English county. That being said, the series is slick, stylish, fast-paced, smart, and fantastically funny.

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Slasher: Solstice – May 23

Slasher is a Canadian horror anthology series created by Aaron Martin (Degrassi: The Next Generation) and originally aired on Chiller. The series was picked up by Netflix in its second season when Chiller went defunct. The first season, subtitled “The Executioner,” focused on a mysterious figure that terrorizes a small Canadian town. Season two, subtitled “Guilty Party,” followed a group of former camp counselors as they are killed off by an unknown assassin. Slasher’s ten-episode third season is subtitled “Solstice” and follows a killer out to avenge the death of a young man when his neighbors in the apartment building did nothing to prevent his murder. Sounds a lot like the plot of an episode of The Good Cop, but I’m sure it will be longer and less funny, but scary!