Game of Thrones season 8, episode 4 reactions and surprises

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Not surprised

1. Arya rejects Gendry’s proposal.

Even though this completely depresses me because I am a hopeless romantic and Arya has loved Gendry since she was a girl, I am not surprised she rejected Gendry’s proposal to be his Lady. That’s not who she is. Arya told her dad way back during season 1, episode 4, and nothing has changed. Doesn’t mean I can’t be bummed about it.

2. Daenerys is going mad, just like her father.

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There have been foreshadowing to this the entire series. Dany has a severe temper and shows no mercy when those she doesn’t care about cross her. Jorah is probably the only exception because she cared about him. But she’s never been pushed to this point before. She’s lost two dragons, her army, her best friends, and maybe losing her love and claim to the throne – the thing she has been working for her entire life. I might go mad, too. It doesn’t change annoyance at her telling Jon to keep his secret parentage to himself. It was low and manipulative. And with Missandei’s “dracarys” cry, a lot of innocent people may die.

3. Sansa’s loose lips

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I knew Sansa was going to tell Jon’s secret just by how she responded when Jon made her promise not to tell anyone. “I swear it” just wasn’t convincing enough for me. The next closest person to her was Tyrion, so it made complete sense she would tell him.

4. Cersei DGAF.

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I’m not sure how else to say it, but she just doesn’t care about anyone or anything except staying on the throne. It doesn’t surprise me in the least because I just had a feeling she was worse than the Night King. And just throwing this question out there… why won’t she kill Tyrion? She’s had ample opportunity to, yet, she lets him live. What for?

5. Varys is jumping ship, literally/figuratively.

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From the first time we met this plump, bald-headed eunuch, he stated his loyalty was to the realm. So, it should come as no surprise that he will support whoever is the best choice to rule it on Game of Thrones. Between Cersei and Daenerys, of course, he’d support the Mother of Dragons. But who’s the better of Daenerys and Jon? Jon wins every time. Lord Varys tends to get what he wants, so I worry that Dany, and anyone who supports her, is in grave danger.