Brooklyn Nine-Nine Heist Pregame: Who will win Cinco de Mayo?

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Cinco de Mayo-Courtesy of John P. Fleenor/NBC

1. Terry

Based on this picture of Terry (Terry Crews), he may actually be the goal of the 2019 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Heist. That’s a game-changer. It would definitely take his mind off his Lieutenant’s exam. It would also make Gina (Chelsea Peretti) want to come back for a second week to finally chase the prize that she’s always wanted.

But, also based on this picture, Jake could be helping Terry try to win the Heist. Jake has won before and he really just wants to help his Sarge feel good during a stressful time. It’s a total Jake move. But, what if the entire squad tries to help Terry win to make him feel better? Everyone is sabotaging and paying off Bill’s trying to achieve the same goal: making Terry feel better.

It’s a total Nine-Nine thing to do. But, when Terry finds out, he feels bad. If he can’t win the Heist on his own, how can he pass the Lieutenant’s exam? When everyone looks at the floor and feels bad about themselves, Terry will announce that he passed the Lieutenant’s exam. Nine-Nine! This would be the best outcome for everyone and continue last year’s theme of something much bigger happening during the Heist.

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In the credits/outro, Jake will be telling Amy (Melissa Fumero) how awesome it is that Terry is now a Lieutenant. There might be some discussion that there’s only one opening for that role at the squad. Amy will tell Jake that she also took and passed the Lieutenant’s exam. Nine-Nine! But, what does this mean for Jake and Amy!

Tune in to Brooklyn Nine-Nine to find out if any of this comes close to happening. Look for my recap of the episode soon after! If you have any guesses, feel free to post them in the comments!