The Twilight Zone season 1 episode 7 recap: Not All Men

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“Not All Men” — Pictured (l-r): Taissa Farmiga as Annie; Rhea Seehorn as Martha of the CBS All Access series THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Photo Cr: Robert Falconer/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

The Twilight Zone continues as the women bolt for the door and manage to get inside and lock the door.

Mike asks what’s going on and they fill him in. Rather than call the police though, Mike says he’s going to take care of it.

As Annie watches from the window, Mike bashes in the head of the man who followed Martha and Annie. Realizing that whatever has driven the other men mad in town has also affected Mike, Annie has Martha call the police and then Annie locks the front door.

Unfortunately, Martha gets a busy signal. Mike then starts pounding on the door to be let in.

Martha goes to let him in, reasoning that whatever is happening to the other men in town couldn’t happen to her Mike. Annie tries to stop her, but it doesn’t work. But when Martha opens the door, there’s no Mike. He’s come in through the back door and is now behind them.

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Things turn sinister as Mike revels in the fact that he beat up a guy. They watch as Mike drinks water from the sink, which has turned red from the meteorites.

Martha is scared now as Mike, knife in hand, forces her to blow out her birthday candles.

At one point, Annie tries to talk to Mike and he snaps, chasing after her and choking her. Luckily, Martha is able to grab a pan and bash Mike over the head twice to save her sister. The two women decide it’s time to leave.

But first they have to find Cole.

They try to drive to the docks, but they’re immediately hit by another car. The down has devolved into men rioting and fighting in the streets. It’s complete chaos. Since they can no longer drive, they make their way to the docks by foot.

Meanwhile, Cole is drinking with his boyfriend, Steve. Steve tries to show Cole that there’s something about the meteor (and putting it in your drink) that makes him feel stronger. He tries to pressure Cole into trying it, but Cole resists. Steve starts to get mad and, like all the other men driven crazy, his eyes turn red and veins start to pop out of his head.

Cole is able to get away just as Martha and Annie arrive. They only have moment to breathe before Dylan shows up, swinging a meteorite as a makeshift mace attacked by a chain to his waist. He attacks Annie and starts to strangle her with the metal chain. Cole tries to jump in to get Dylan off Annie, but Dylan pushes him away.

Martha goes to Cole, who screams and whose veins start to pop out.

Just then a helicopter arrives and shines a spotlight on them. It’s just enough of a distraction for Annie to get the upper hand on Dylan. She hits him in the face with the meteorite and knocks him into the water, where he’s dragged to the bottom by the weight of the rock.

Cole, meanwhile, is able to calm himself down and resist going into a rage.

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The Twilight Zone ends with Martha, Annie and Cole being taken to a military base where scientists are working to discover what happened.

They test Cole’s blood and don’t find anything dangerous. When asked, Cole says he didn’t go into a rage because he simply chose not to. Annie speculates that the meteors didn’t have anything to do with the rage, it was a placebo. The meteors simply gave men the excuse to indulge the rage that was already inside them.

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