The Twilight Zone season 1 episode 8 recap: Point of Origin

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“Point of Origin” — Pictured (l-r): Ginnifer Goodwin as Eve Martin; James Frain as Mr. Allendale of the CBS All Access series THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Photo Cr: Robert Falconer/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Eve’s real home

The Twilight Zone then shifts, flipping between scenes of Allendale questioning a strapped-down Eve and Eve, alone, slowly losing her sanity in an empty jail cell.

As Allendale questions Eve, we learn that he suspects Eve is from another dimension. There are parallel dimensions and there was contact made between the one we see and another. But, Allendale explains, what they thought was first contact actually wasn’t. Thirty years earlier, there had been a caravan that brought people from the other dimension to this current one. Eve, they suspect, was part of that caravan.

Allendale explains that they discovered that this other dimension was “lesser” and the people who came to this dimension are polluting it. So, he has Eve hooked up to a machine that can determine her true “point of origin.”

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(If you look closely at the mask they have on Eve’s face, the lip and nose curve a lot like the facial features of the people in the classic episode of The Twilight Zone, “Eye of the Beholder.”)

Allendale, meanwhile, turns on the machine and Eve screams.

The Twilight Zone cuts to black. When the episode comes back, Eve wakes up in a hospital bed with a doctor telling her she had a seizure. The doctor tells her that the test came back negative and William is there filling out paperwork to have her finally released.

William and Eve return home and Eve is able to hug her children again.

That night, Eve talks to William and tells him about being strapped into the machine. She confesses that, deep down, she fears that she really is from another dimension because the images of the other dimension match nightmares she’s been having. She thinks they might be memories from when she was a little girl that she can’t quite bring back.

As William tries to comfort her, his voice morphs into Allendale’s. Eve wakes up, still strapped to the machine. Allendale says they’ve found another pilgrim and Eve screams.

The Twilight Zone transitions back to Eve in her jail cell.

One of the slots in the cell door opens. A voice offers to help her escape if she (or her husband) pays him. The man agrees to get Eve out that night, but first Eve begs the man to get Anna out too. The man, Mosher, refuses, and shuts the slot.

Later, Mosher comes to get Eve, no Anna in sight. He has Eve get in a dumpster full of trash and, it seems, dead bodies.

Mosher wheels Eve to the room where Anna is and explains what they need to do to escape: find a door back near where Eve met with Aidia. Anna and Eve bolt, head down the back hallway, open the door and run out into the night, dodging spotlights. They find a hole in the perimeter fence that Mosher had cut and run to the road where I driver was supposed to meet them.

There’s no car at first, but then an ice cream truck pulls up and the man inside tells them to get in.

Anna is hesitant, saying she doesn’t trust the driver. Anna, saying she’s done this before and it’s dangerous to trust unknown people, refuses to get in the truck. The truck winds up pulling away with only Eve as Anna runs away.

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The driver takes Eve back to her house.

However, once Eve gets inside, she finds William and the kids not happy to see her. William sends the kids upstairs and says that Eve isn’t the person he thought she was. He says she should have run instead of coming home.

Allendale then comes in and arrests Eve again as she screams “this is my home!” over and over. This episode of The Twilight Zone ends with Eve being dragged out of her house, screaming, as her friends and neighbors watch.

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