Opinion: Game of Thrones’ final season wasn’t that bad

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Final thoughts

Some Game of Thrones episodes, in my humble opinion, are damn-near perfect – the Battle of the Bastards, for one. That right there was probably my favorite hour of television I have ever watched (and I watch a lot of T.V.). After that, the show transcended to another level for me.

I began to expect so much from the show that I set a bar for it, that it would probably never top. And I think everyone else did, too.

That, combined with an almost two-year wait for new content, and you have an over-amped audience who only grew in numbers from new binge-watchers. It’s like giving a bunch of toddlers Red Bull – giving pop culture geeks perfection and then making them wait for more.

I don’t envy the creators, that they were tasked with topping themselves. But how can you ever top perfection? They were also tasked with filling in the gaps of a story that wasn’t all the way written. Sure, they’ve taken liberties before, but Martin told them his vision, and they ran with it.

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Maybe this was Martin’s ultimate joke on them. Maybe he’ll see fan reaction and change the books… that’s if he ever finishes them.

All I am saying is cut these guys a break. The show brought you a ton of enjoyment for 73 episodes. So what if it didn’t end how we wanted it. They’re not losing sleep over it, why should you?

Farewell Game of Thrones. Thanks for the bloody memories!