The Twilight Zone season 1, episode 9 recap: The Blue Scorpion

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“The Blue Scorpion” — Pictured: Chris O’Dowd as Jeffrey Storck of the CBS All Access series THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Photo Cr: Robert Falconer/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Fulfilling its destiny

Jeff loses it and Anne decides they should take a break. Attorney Jeff, because Jeff is getting really worked up, calls in security. Security gets there just as Jeff starts to fumble in his bag for the blue scorpion. So, instead, Jeff winds up just grabbing his bag and leaving, shouting after Anne that, fine, she can have everything, she just can’t have the blue scorpion.

As a parting shot, Jeff shouts that he loves “him” (the gun? his dad? both?) more than he ever loved her.

That night, Broker Jeff calls again, begging Jeff to sell. But Jeff now says that selling is completely off the table. He throws his phone across the room and grabs the gun. He walks around the living room, imitating shooting people. He hears a noise outside and looks out the window to see a neighbor. He points the gun at the neighbor, but does nothing.

Jeff pivots, the gun still outstretched, and finds himself pointing the gun at his own reflection.

The Twilight Zone jumps to Jeff, in his car, outside of Anne’s house where he can see Jeff inside.

Before Jeff can do anything, someone smashes in his driver side window and attempts to pull Jeff out of his car. As they struggle, the blue scorpion is sent sliding across the dashboard, just out of Jeff’s reach as the stranger chokes Jeff.

Then, all of a sudden, the gun goes off by itself, shooting the stranger.

When the police arrive, Jeff finds out that, yep, that stranger’s name was Jeff too and he was a criminal the police had been trying to track down because he had been breaking into houses in that neighborhood.

Jeff is declared a hero. Anne makes more concessions in their divorce proceedings and Jeff even gets promoted at work. The blue scorpion, as promised, took care of all of his troubles.

Content with his life, Jeff winds up throwing the blue scorpion into a lake.

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Of course, The Twilight Zone can’t just end like that, so the blue scorpion washes up on the sand.

The episode ends with two kids finding the gun and a bullet with the name of one of the kids on it. They load the gun and start cavalierly playing with it as the episode fades to black.

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