The Twilight Zone season 1 finale recap: Blurryman

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“Blurryman” — Pictured (l-r): Jordan Peele as the Narrator; Zazie Beetz as Sophie Gelson of the CBS All Access series THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Photo Cr: Robert Falconer/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Whose idea of prank is this?

Peele laughs it off as a joke, a prank pulled by someone. He doesn’t blame Gelson. However, pretty much everyone else thinks it’s her fault. The “blurryman” reference doesn’t help her case either.

Gelson, much to her surprise, finds out that, earlier, when they were recording a different scene in a library, there was a blurry figure in the background of every single take. She goes to the editor working on the episode and sees, there’s a mysterious figure there and no one knows why.

On top of that, the editor has seen it before—in the season’s first episode, an episode where Gelson was also on set. People are really starting to think it’s her fault and she’s trying to play some joke that is actually really inconveniencing the entire production.

Gelson is the only one who realizes something weird is going on.

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She goes to try to find Peele again to talk to him, but no one knows where he went. Of course right then is when everyone is given an hour lunch break. So, as Gelson searches for Peele, the entire studio empties out.

This is where things get spooky. She goes to the library set and finds a book that someone left out. She mostly ignores it because she sees a cue card that says “Sophie is about to learn.”

She’s convinced now that someone is playing some elaborate prank on her. Her faith in that idea starts to waver when all of the lights on set go out. She wanders to another set, both looking for Peele and, well, anyone who might be behind whatever is happening to her. She winds up in a grocery store set (perhaps the same one from “Point of Origin”), followed by the blurryman figure.

She’s starting to get properly scared now, there’s still a tiny chance this is a prank, but it’s starting to feel way more menacing than that. It’s quickly reaching stalker level.

Fed up, she confronts the figure, telling him to test her. With some kind of supernatural powers, he knocks over one of the grocery store shelves. Gelson is done, she books it out of there. She runs to another set, a bar (perhaps the one from “The Comedian”) and she finds that book from the library again.

She opens it and in the top corner is a scribble of the blurryman. The same on the top corner of every page, a flip book. She flips through and watches as the blurryman grows and envelops the words on the pages, taking over the story.

Just then, bottles start flying, bringing Gelson back to reality. She’s on the run again.