Dead to Me: What we want to see if there’s a second season

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Legal Troubles

Jen and Judy are in quite the clusterfork now. Steve’s murder (or disappearance, if they’re able to dispose of the body) will receive extra attention and be even more suspicious coming on the heels of the investigation into his money laundering.

Even if they try to cover up their actual involvement, they will both be persons of interest, anyway, as his ex-fiancé and ex-realtor. Will the star-crossed BFFs be able to frame someone else, one of Steve’s business associates, perhaps?

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And what about the investigation into Ted’s murder? Will Jen now try to walk back what she said about Judy’s guilt and impede the investigation to prevent her friend from going to prison? Will Jen’s sons, Charlie and Henry, learn the truth about Judy’s involvement?

With so many unanswered questions and avenues to explore, it seems fair to say this season has all the makings of another emotional roller coaster ride.

Charlie and Henry interacting

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Speaking of Jen’s sons, it would great to see moments between just the two of them in season two. Season one focuses on how their father’s death impacts their emotional and psychological well-being, their relationship with their mom and their relationship with Judy. So, we have yet to really see what their relationship like and how their grief and the chaos all around them might them closer together or farther apart.

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Other questions we need answered:

  • Where’s Nick? If he comes back, will he forgive Judy for cheating on him and lying to him? Will he try to help Jen and Judy with their legal troubles? Will he become a cop again? Will he and Judy get back together?
  • Jen and Lorna seemed to reach a turning point in the relationship near the end of season one. Will they continue to grow closer in season two? Will Jen keep working for Lorna, reconcile with Christopher or strike out on her own? Will Lorna’s drug problem be explored?
  • What will happen to that check Judy gave Jen? It would be awfully suspicious if Jen cashed it now, right? But, on the other hand, she could really use the money.
  • Will we see flashbacks to Judy and Steve’s relationship, prior to the accident?

What did you think of Dead to Me? What would you like to see if there’s a second season? Let us know in the comments below.