13 Netflix Originals coming in June to start the summer off right

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3%: Season Three – June 7

3% is about a future where the world’s elite live in luxury on an island while the rest of the population lives in squalor on the mainland. There is one chance to escape the slums and join the elite as applicants stream a testing facility and undergo testing, procedures, and challenges in order to be chosen. Due to the rigorous selection process, many are eliminated and some won’t even survive, and only 3% of applicants will be selected to move to the island.

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This Brazilian thriller was created by Pedro Aguilera based on an independent pilot episode he wrote and created in 2011. If you think this dystopian future hits a little too close to our real life present for a good percentage of the world population, that’s obviously part of the point and inspiration behind science fiction thrillers like this and similar movies like The Hunger Games.

In fact, 3% has been described as “The Hunger Games meets Saw but with more moral ambiguity.” Lest you think that all three seasons are dedicated to this deadly competition, there is a rebellion brewing to overthrow the government and balance the system. Bianca Comparato leads this talented cast.