DC Universe allays fears about possible shut down of the streaming platform


Executives at DC Universe have spoken out against rumors about Warner Brothers pulling the plug on the service.

Following the surprise cancellation of Swamp Thing and news that Warner Brothers is re-evaluating its current streaming service, DC Universe, rumors have run rife about the future of the DC’s original shows. Now, executives at DC Universe appear to have confronted these rumors head-on with a statement on their community message boards that they will continue to “develop new shows, new seasons, new stories, more availability, and more platforms.” This is good news for fans of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice, all three of which have become fan-favorites, as well as for those looking forward to the platform exploring more characters from their comic book roster.

Despite a rough start, Titans season one evolved into a compelling team show and season 2 also promises a much more diverse cast. Season one of Doom Patrol consistently received rave reviews for its insightful look into mental illness and homophobia, and showrunner Jeremy Carver already has plans for the next season.

Meanwhile, the much-awaited third season of Young Justice: Outsiders will also return to complete the second half of the season from July 2.

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While Swamp Thing’s budgets may have been the reason for its abrupt end, it’s possible that the showrunners will be able to create a self-contained story in its 10-episode season. In fact, it may just work in the show’s favor.

Swamp Thing–Ep.101–“Pilot”–Photo Credit: Brownie Harris / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Speculation about DC Universe’s future as a streaming platform has been around for a while, especially since Warner Brothers is also planning on releasing its own streaming service, ala Disney Plus. The long-term strategy should be to absorb DC Universe and its productions and content to stream on the Warner Brothers service, otherwise, it may not be cost-effective for most fans.

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For now, production on Titans season 2, Stargirl season one and the animated Harley Quinn show appear to be going full speed ahead. The remaining nine episodes of Swamp Thing will be released weekly every Friday.