The Society: 5 things we want to see in season 2 (and 5 we don’t)

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What we want: The Committee on Going Home makes some progress

The Society barely gave us any answers in the first season about where exactly these kids are. The Committee on Going Home largely works in the background, especially after Gordie’s romance with Cassandra is cut short. With the finale reveal about Charlie the dog and that the kids aren’t on Earth, we hope to see the group actually doing some investigating this season.

Also, it seems like a unanimous opinion that Bean was woefully underused this season. The show can’t make time for every character but a second season would be a great way to see a bit more of her.

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Photo Credit: Netflix

What we don’t want: Elle remaining on Campbell’s side

Campbell is very firmly the villain on The Society but that doesn’t mean we have to keep watching Elle get emotionally tormented for another season. She already suffers from the guilt of poisoning a bunch of kids and now she is back under Campbell’s manipulative thumb. Even when Allie tries to protect her, she ultimately winds up back with him out of fear no one can save her.

Essentially, Elle is going to have to save herself. We’re rooting for her to step in and save the day (including Allie and Will) by masterminding her own coup against Campbell. To be fair, she knows him well enough and respects him as a viable threat to know what to do. Maybe make Campbell regret giving her the pet name of his “little poisoner”. The final two episodes seem to hint that Allie has made it a personal goal to protect her. Even though she ultimately had to betray that bond to save face in front of Campbell, it would be a triumphant moment to see Elle be the one to come to Allie’s rescue.