The Society: 5 things we want to see in season 2 (and 5 we don’t)

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What we want: A redemption arc for Harry

Harry has had a mixed reception among fans with many putting him firmly in the same camp as Campbell and others looking forward to him earning New Ham’s forgiveness. Put us in the camp of hoping Harry manages to pull himself together for both his own well-being and the town’s. The Society has a compelling take on depression this season showed how much difficulty he had coping with his new situation. It’s empathic for a lot of viewers, especially people who would probably react the same way.

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Right now, he’s in the coup alongside Campbell and Lexie however we don’t think he’ll stay there. For starters, he doesn’t do well with stress and actually being in charge won’t be the fun time he’s expecting. Secondly, Harry has never seemed like a bad person (albeit he’s made some terrible decisions) and he does care about Allie. Ultimately, we want to see him co-lead the town alongside Allie where they can make some compromises about what everyone wants. We’re not exactly sold on a romance between the two despite how popular the pairing is, but the two certainly make for an interesting friendship.

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What we don’t want: Becca’s and Sam’s family to be broken up

Many members of the cast have teased the reveal of Becca’s baby daddy throughout the press tour for season 1. While we don’t know yet, it does seem to imply that fans will get the answer sometime in the next season. If the father is truly living in New Ham, that will definitely bring into question whether Sam can ever truly be the dad. He stepped in to help his best friend and he’s shown to have such a capacity for love. It would be devastating for him to lose the child that he already cares for.

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We can’t imagine Grizz will really be upset about the new baby for that long, but there are bound to be other external factors threatening this makeshift family. Other than the father, jealousy is a powerful tool. Plenty of kids are single and alone, whereas Becca has the beginning of a new life. We really don’t want to see this family get broken up in season 2. Becca has already admitted her fear to Sam and refusal to raise the baby in a town where Lexie is in charge. Considering how the new Guard members feel about women, it might not be the best world to raise her daughter in anyway.