The Society: 5 things we want to see in season 2 (and 5 we don’t)

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What we want: The parents get a bit of screentime

Teen dramas are often dragged down by too much inclusion of the parents but The Society opts to ignore them completely save for the pilot and finale. They definitely don’t need to split time with the teenagers 50/50 but to see them more could be beneficial to the plot. The kids rarely talk about their families except for occasionally mentioning how much they miss their parents.

Generally, showing rather than telling is a more effective story device. We want to see more family photos, and the kids even reflecting on their siblings or their pets more. Not to mention, we know that Kelly’s dad and Harry’s mom seemed to know something about Pfeiffer. If the mystery is going to be solved, at least some of the parents need to be in season 2.

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Photo Credit: Netflix

What we don’t want: The bus driver reveal to have no payoff

Speaking of Pfeiffer, the finale revealed that he was one of the bus drivers. There are four others that we don’t know of yet but he’s the most important. Pfeiffer means Piper in German and many viewers have already noted the ties to the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. It would be a major disappointment for Pfeiffer to simply be a nod towards the original folklore and not have any actual payoff. For example, if The Society goes down the whole purgatory route and Pfeiffer being the driver is just pure coincidence.